About us

Young Adult Books is an independent book website on which readers of Young Adult-books can leave their opinion. There are book reviews, book advice for when you still need to read for the so-called ‘list’ at school and the latest news about books on the website. In addition, you will find everything about book adaptations, book trailers and contests through which you can win beautiful books or cinema tickets to go see book adaptations. An independent group of reviewers between 13 and 21 years old reads and assesses Young Adult-books and puts their review on the website.

Next to the website, there is a magazine Young Adult Books. This appears twice a year. Book reviews on Young Adult-books are included in the magazine and multiple genres are covered, such as love and relationships, fantasy, adventure and history. Furthermore, there are suggestions for books to read for your ‘list’, interviews with writers, nice contests and information about book adaptations you cannot miss. The magazines are spread through teachers of the course Dutch and the course English in secondary school.

Do you have any questions, awesome ideas or comments? Send these to info@youngadultbooks.nl.