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Better than perfect is a book about a very perfectionistic girl, Juliet. Her whole life it has appeared as if she lives in the perfect family, with a hardworking father and a loving mother. On top of that, she has the perfect boyfriend, with whom she has been in a relationship for years. The only thing that is in her way is finishing high school and then she’ll go to Harvard.

But everything changes when she finds her mother in the bathroom after, what appears to be, a suicide attempt. All of a sudden Juliet is not so sure anymore if her life is so perfect. She starts to see her relationships and her life goals in a different light. Then she meets Declan, a boy who she has more feelings for than a girl with a boyfriend should have. Soon Juliet’s life turns from perfect into hugely complicated and she needs to find herself.

This book is about growing up and meeting reality. Besides that, it is about love, in any shape it can take. The book is highly recommended for people who love romance, or who love books in which characters get to know themselves better. This book is enormously exciting and once you start, you want to finish it in one go. Juliet’s story speaks to you and is recognizable, especially to anyone who is growing up themselves.
Better than perfect, Melissa Kantor. Harper Teen, € 13,49 (15+)


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