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Overall Score4

The title gets a whole different meaning after you finish the book.

Eva Tilling is a rich girl who’s always fitted into the popular crowd. As many of her friends would say: she is the sweetest girl, who wouldn’t hurt a fly. The story starts right off with Eva’s car accident, which almost certainly wasn’t an accident they later find out. Eva ends up in the hospital with very bad injuries and a strange power. Which is: when someone touches her, she sees how that person is going to die. She uses this strange power to figure out who tried to kill her. After she is discharged from the hospital, she is determined to find out who her killer is. She has all the more reason to do so, because it seems her friends are the killer’s next targets. The mysterious killer is out to get Eva and makes her see this by sending weird messages. Together with her childhood friend Nate and best friend Grace, she tries everything in her power to save her friends and herself.

The cover and title of this book make you think it is a romantic story, but then you’re in for a nice surprise. Because Made for you is a detective story, with a good ‘who-dunnit’ tension. Melissa Marr has written several bestsellers and is no stranger to writing a good book. The story is a quick read and divided into two, sometimes three, perspectives: Eva’s, Judge (the mysterious one) and Grace’s. These switches between different perspectives build up the tension and give you a quick peek into the motives of the murderer. The book doesn’t really stand out but for someone who has read some good detective stories and seen a bunch of detectives, Made for you is a fun read with a nice plot twist.
Made for you, Melissa Marr. Harper Collins, € 17,49


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