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Editor Tim reviews The Selection-series. This is part two.

After finishing The Selection I was longing to read The Elite. And as soon as it came out, I took my chance.

The Selection started with 35 girls, now the group is a fraction of that number. Only The Elite is left. The fight for Maxon fires up. The closer America comes to the crown, the more she is in doubt about love. With Maxon everything seems like a fairytale, but when she sees her first love Aspen her memories take over. America is torn apart between her love for Aspen and Maxon, while the rest of the girls in The Elite seem to know exactly what –who- they want. Is America still able to get her chance with Maxon, or is it ruined because of her doubting?

The book still looks amazing. That cover… Wow. Bright colors and lovely dresses, what more is there to want. Maybe a good story. Luckily this is the case! This second book really sticks to the essence of the previous one, which makes reading it feel like coming home.

I am still in love with America. The dynamic between her and Maxon is great and really nice to read. America says everything she thinks and that is just great. Another trait I like in America is her need for justice. She really thinks about the consequences of her actions. She is prepared to sacrifice things to stay faithful to her values. This works great to give this – girly – book a little more depth. Kriss is also a terrific character in the books. She is sweet and kind of the opposite of America. But, by far, the best characters in these books are the maids. They absolutely rock. It’s nice that they are getting their background stories.

In The Elite you learn more about the history of Iléa, the nation where the story takes place. For me, that works very well. Background stories make a world seem much more legit and lifelike. It creates an environment where you can really care about the world and its inhabitants.

Just like the previous book, there is not that much action. You really want to continue reading, not because of the action-filled scenes, but because as a reader you are wondering who she is going to choose. If she is going to choose at all. And if so: is she going to be chosen at all? But there is a little more action from the rebels as well, so I am really curious how this will develop in the next book.

The Elite is an easy-read. Not that much action, but you can swoon and sigh all throughout the story. If you are into girly books AND The Hunger Games, read this book. I am really curious about the next chapter in America’s story. Not only because of the story, but also because I do not want to say goodbye to the world of glamour, castles and beautiful dresses.
The Elite, Kiera Cass. Harper Teen, € 9,49 (15+)


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