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Editor Tim reviews The Selection-series. This is part three.

The third book in the selection trilogy. It does sound like it is the last book in the trilogy, but I’m glad it isn’t. There will be two other books in the series. Go Kiera Cass! But is this third book as good as the previous ones?

The Selection changed the lives of 35 girls for good. Now is the time The One will be chosen. America never dared to dream to win the crown, to win Prince Maxon. But with the competition nearing its end, the rebels are becoming more and more aggressive. With the threats outside and inside of the walls America realizes what she can lose. She realizes how hard she’s got to fight to get the future she wants.

My favorite aspect of this book is that you’ll get to know the three remaining contestants much better. Because there are far less girls we’ll also learn about their feelings and motivations instead of solely America’s perspective. Especially Celeste’s character really gets depth added in this book. Also the rebels get more attention and as a reader you’ll learn more about the cause they are fighting for. In The One it isn’t the dating show fairytale anymore. Of course there is still that, but there is even more now. The choices America makes feel very natural and true to the character. For three books she has been in doubt between Aspen and Maxon. The end of the book was a shocker. The contrast with the rest of the books was huge; it was a little abrupt maybe, but definitely not bad. Yet I can imagine that one wouldn’t like the ending, because it is so out of sync with the rest. Action-packed and filled with drama, the third novel is way darker than the previous ones.

The change in atmosphere is what makes this book interesting; I finished the book in one evening. If you ask me, I have to say that the book could’ve been longer. It would have been nice to have a little more insight in the rebels, for example. They were a great aspect in the books and could’ve filled at least an extra page or two.

The next books will be written from the perspective of another prince or princess. The One isn’t a goodbye to the series, but we do say goodbye to America. She was a nice character, although she had her flaws. If you’re into love stories, dystopian books, and chicklits, you will love this series of books.
The One, Kiera Cass. Harper Teen, € 9,49 (15+)


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