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Editor Tim reviews The Selection-series. This is part one.

For 35 girls The Selection is the chance to a better life. A chance to escape the poverty they lived in and to enter a world full of glamour. The Selection offers the chance to win the heart of the prince, Maxon.

Seem wonderful? Not for America Singer. She has to give up on her secret love and leave her home to fight for the crown she never wanted. She has to live in a palace under siege by the rebels, but when she meets Maxon she starts to doubt everything. America realizes that her wildest dreams seem plain in comparison to what her future might hold.

This book has caught my eye in the bookstore many times, yet I never bought it. The beautiful cover is an eye catcher and you can’t help wanting to read it. Despite its beauty, the cover also screams chicklit. Every time I saw it in the store, I wanted to read it just a little bit more. So now I did.

The book is promoted as a crossover between The Hunger Games and the television show The Bachelor. Well, I won’t lie, I love The Hunger Games and I love to try out all the dystopian books out there. However, The Bachelor is not really my cup of tea. I understand why these comparisons were made, but it gave me the wrong impression. Are these girls going to slaughter each other just for a prince?

America is a character as I like to see them. She’s a little bit tough, ballsy, intelligent, stubborn, has a touch of rebelliousness and she is a strong female. Also, she complains a lot, but I can handle that. Her personality makes her an awful, yet an awesome, match for Maxon. Her personality also gets her in trouble with the other candidates. America never really wanted to participate in The Selection, but Aspen, her (former-)boyfriend, made her. You can imagine that forcing your significant other to participate in a contest for the love of an extremely wealthy and handsome prince is a recipe for relationship problems. That is exactly what seems to happen to Aspen and America, so when she finally joins The Selection nothing is sure. How does she feel about Maxon, and how about Aspen? Why are there rebel attacks on the palace? As a reader you’re continuously thinking: Who is she going to choose and what is going to happen?

A fast paced story with a chicklit-feel to it. It will make you long for the next book. I really hope The Elite will live up to my expectations, because The Selection is awesome. It shouldn’t be compared to The Hunger Games, but in its own genre it is as good as The Hunger Games.

Kiera Cass gave the dystopian genre an original twist and because of that, The Selection is a great addition to the YA genre. If you’re not into chicklits, you should let these series pass, but if you do this is a must read.
The Selection, Kiera Cass. Harper Teen, € 10,99 (15+)


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